I’ve talked about this before, but I wanted to take another moment to explain something to you because I feel it’s so important.

I was made aware of a scathing review on one of my titles. Who it came from and where it is isn’t important; what is important is why.

From time to time we’re fortunate enough to get our traditionally published books returned to us from the publisher (as was the case with the Impostor Series). However, when these titles are returned to us, we HAVE to publish it as a new title. The old ISBNs and books are removed for legal reasons, and new copies go up in their place, with new covers and often with revisions, again, for legal reasons. This time around (the first time ever), I decided to rename these books to the names I originally gave them when I sold them to Harlequin. However, I did keep the original titles in the series name, along with character names, and story descriptions, hoping that would be a red flag for those who have already purchased it (few enough as they were because I’ve always said these books were largely overlooked). I also announced their republication in my newsletter multiple times, and always take care to let readers know which titles have been previously published. There’s also a caveat in the book description and another on the copyright page of the book itself. Changing a title is NEVER meant to deceive anyone. I’m so very grateful that so many of you enjoy my work so much that you will automatically buy, but as with ALL products, it’s very, very important that you stop to read the product descriptions first. I will always tell you which books are new releases of old versions, and additionally, I’m available on social media to answer questions.

Additionally, in many cases, as with the sweet versions of my books (the only other circumstance I have ever changed titles), you will note on those product pages that I say something like XXX is the sweet version of XXX, and this is front and center so you can’t miss it (often the very first line). Additionally, you can recognize these titles by the “Sweet Reads” logo I give them, and, as another clue, I’ve added my daughter, who serves as the editor for these titles, a byline.

Please, please always read the product descriptions, and if you still have questions, send me an email. I’m always thrilled to hear from you.

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