Win a Review Copy of The King’s Favorite!

There’s a brand new contest up on the site! Woot!

I decided to go outside my review team to offer review copies for The King’s Favorite. (However, if you’re on my review team, please DO enter to win!) I’m giving away 5 copies to 5 lucky winners, to be announced on October 15, 2018. Put your name in the hat right here.

Also, I messed up this giveaway when I created so we have at least 2 more runs before all the prizes are used up, so, if you didn’t win a copy of A Perfectly Scandalous Proposal the first rounds, try again! Here’s a second giveaway on Amazon, enter here.

And, just in case you don’t want to wait for your copy of Joel Froomkin’s delicious narration, you can snag your copy here.

Flash News! (And Happy Labor Day Weekend)

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

A PERFECTLY SCANDALOUS PROPOSAL enjoyed a wide release, but, for the next three months, it joins the rest of the Redeemable Rogues for one last stint in KU. If you’re a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you definitely want to take advantage of this while you can. Along with A PERFECTLY SCANDALOUS PROPOSAL, you can also borrow MCKENZIE’S BRIDE, PERFECT IN MY SIGHT, KISSED BY A ROGUEand MISCHIEF & MISTLETOE. If you missed HAPPILY EVER AFTER in KU, you can still grab it for a very special price in ALL THINGS MERRY & BRIGHT

In other news, if you follow me, you already know A WINTER’S ROSE has been pushed back to December 31st, but while you wait for the next book in the Daughters of Avalon series, here are some surprises you might not be aware of…

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Sale Alert for Canada!

Hi friends, Amazon is running a sale on several of my books (Canada only, folks, because it’s Amazon sponsored). if you’re a Canadian customer, I didn’t want you to miss these!
Highland Fire (Guardians of the Stone Book 2, discounted to $3.49 between 8/3/2018 – 8/31/2018.
Highland Steel (Guardians of the Stone Book 3), discounted to $2.99 between 8/3/2018 – 8/31/2018.
Kissed by a Rogue (Redeemable Rogues Book 2), discounted to $3.49 between 8/3/2018 – 8/31/2018.
McKenzie’s Bride (Redeemable Rogues Book 1), discounted to $3.49 between 8/3/2018 – 8/31/2018.
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Highland Fire is FREE!

One of the things I adore about being an indie author is that I get to help feed your reading addiction by offering free and discounted books now and again. If you haven’t yet read Highland Fire, now’s your chance to start this new series for FREE. It’s available at all vendors (U.S. only for now – so sorry!), including Amazon, B&N, iBooks, Kobo and GooglePlay.

If you loved my Highland Brides (the first book in that series is also FREE – grab The MacKinnon’s Bride here), you’ll love the Guardians of the Stone series. In it, we revisit old characters and meet new ones, and I’ve added a little extra something in this series – a bit of Highland lore and magic.

So be sure to grab it while you can!

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What’s that got to do with the price of books in China?

I thought long and hard about whether to speak up about this. I’m doing so, not so much for me, but for my fellow struggling authors. So here goes: Generally, I’m not a fan of complainers, and that includes authors who complain about people not buying their books. No One is guaranteed a sale. We bravely go where not everyone has thrived before us, in order to bring you stories we love, and that we hope you’ll love as well. In the end, you want to believe it’s the talented among us who’ll keep readers coming back. But sometimes, bad guys do win, and lately, the winners have been the stuffers (thankfully, Amazon is now going after them), who’ll throw a poorly written and edited book up for .99 cents. And, of course, they end up getting much more than that because they’ve learned to game the KU system by double-spacing books (making it look like you have more pages to read than you do) and stuffing a download with 10-plus books, thereby earning themselves considerably more than the .99 cents price, as well as KU bonuses that used to be awarded to hardworking authors. These days, the bonuses seem to be going to “the fox who’s learned to raid the hen house without getting caught.” For real authors with integrity, this is a HUGE ouch—and not only where the money is concerned. It’s demoralizing for those who work hard and play by the rules. It’s no wonder some authors are furious. (more…)