The King’s Favorite

Shhh… don’t tell on me. I’m supposed to be editing, but instead, I’m getting excited to share my latest release with you.

After two long years away from historicals, I’m so thrilled to be returning to the genre I love. A few years ago, I considered giving Malcom MacKinnon a very short novella because I thought he’d be pleased with that. But I’m sure you’ve heard the Muse can be particularly insistent at times (and even annoying). So I tried to pair Malcom with Sorcha, and nope, he wasn’t having it. Finally, he showed me exactly who he wanted, and took me to a great new world. The Daughters of Avalon series begins with The King’s Favorite, due to be released June 26th, 2018. (Nook readers stay tuned for some special news!)

I’m so excited about this new series for many reasons. For one, if you love that rich historical detail that’s such an intricate part of the Guardians series, you will love this one even more. I will take you deep into the anarchy of King Stephen. It’s an amazing time to tell a story within, because so much happened during this twenty-year period in British history. (more…)

New Series Reading Order!

I am always being asked about the reading order of my series books. There are 3 series that are connected, so I spent a few minutes this morning creating a reading order document for The Highland Brides, The Guardians of the Stone and The Border Brides. You can also find the reading order here on this site, but this one is a little more comprehensive and includes the new series. Enjoy!

Download the series Reading Order here

P.S. For a limited time, grab Highland Fire for .99 cents at all vendors. This sale is good for this weekend only. Grab it here!


Redemption Song: Free Prequel

We all have our favorite genres, but it can be very rewarding to branch out and read outside our comfort zones. REDEMPTION SONG is my most emotional book to date, and is receiving rave reviews from readers. It is also my first new release in more than six months. If you read and love my romances, I want to challenge you to follow me into a new genre, where I promise to provide you the same voice, the same rich sense of place and all the sincerity of emotion I have always given you in a story. Never have I taken a character from such depths of despair to such great heights. If you’ve never read my Women’s Fiction books before, this is the one I hope you’ll start with.

Just so you have multiple chances to see if this is your kind of reading, I’m giving away an excerpt, as well as a prequel short story called REPRISAL that takes place before REDEMPTION SONG begins. And finally, THE GIRL WHO STAYED is a Bookbub featured book today, so grab it while you can!


The MacKinnon’s Bride turns 21!

I have been a published author since 1989, although my first book didn’t hit the shelves until 1992. That’s 28 and 25 years, respectively. Amazingly, some of you have been reading me for as long as I’ve been published, and for your support, I thank you, immensely. (You know who you are!) That kind of support is incredibly rare, and I can’t tell you how much you mean to me.

My sixth book for Avon Books, THE MACKINNON’S BRIDE, was published in 1996, so technically, Ian and Page’s story has reached the legal drinking age-woot!. Despite that it’s not a flesh and blood child of mine, my books are in a sense my children. I put so much love into their creation, and their birth dates are nonetheless miracles to me–all of them, but none so much as THE MACKINNON’S BRIDE.

In its conception, THE MACKINNON’S BRIDE was simply intended to be a story about a man and a woman, with timeless themes I felt must span the ages—love, abandonment, grief, fear, betrayal and vengeance. It was the second of my books to be published under a brand-new imprint called Avon Romantic Treasures, an imprint my fifth book, Once Upon a Kiss was fortunate enough to launch. (more…)