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 Heads up! If you haven’t yet read my Oyster Point series (and yes, there’s another book in the works!) this is the perfect time for you to start. SPEAK NO EVIL is currently available FREE at all vendors, but this is not going to last, so grab this while you can.


“Crosby serves up suspense, secrets and Southern scandal like no one else!” – Harlan Coben #1 New York Times bestselling author

FREE until April 28

The one book I am emailed about most (aside from my new series) is The MacKinnons’ Hope – the missing epilogue for the MacKinnon’s Bride. Well, here it is, folks, and it’s FREE for all until April 28th.
Don’t normally read on Kindle? No problem! It’s easy to install their FREE Kindle app, available here. 
Happy reading!
It’s time to Binge!

It’s time to Binge!

Happy Easter, my friends!
I’m sure this news will be met with some mixed reactions, but I’ve decided to make my backlist titles available to you through Kindle Unlimited. This is really great news for those reading on a budget. If you do not have a Kindle Unlimited subscription package, don’t worry, you can still buy my titles via Amazon and read them with their FREE Kindle app, available here. 
To make this as painless as possible for those of you who do not read on Kindle, I’ve been working through IngramSpark to create affordable mass-market versions of most of my titles. These titles go from $6.99 to $11.99 (USD) AND if you buy one and send me a SASE I’ll send you bookmarks and a signed bookplate.
To request your bookmark and bookplate, just send your SASE to:
PO Box 216
Suttons Bay
MI 49682
Also, the new Daughters of Avalon series is NOT in KU; these titles will continue to be made available wide.

New Printable Lists!

Tada! Many of my books are now available as hardcovers, and what makes this super exciting is that you can now grab a printable hardcover list and hand it to your librarian so she can stock your library with copies of my books.  I’ll be updating this list as I go, so come back often to check if your book is on the list.

This is great for those of you who are on a budget who would love to read my books. 

Snag the list here (the file may download to your computer)

New Hardcover Editions!

The MacKinnon’s Bride is now available as a hardcover edition!

You wanted large-print, hardcover and a less-expensive mass market edition, and now these are all coming to a bookstore near you. The hardcover is lovingly created for those of you who want a “keeper” edition on your bookshelf. If you purchase a copy, please be sure to send me a photo of you holding your book, along with your mailing address to tanya@tanyaannecrosby.com and I will send you a signed bookplate and bookmarks.

Additionally, the hardcover was created as a solution for those of you who are on a budget and would like to have your favorite library carry my books. Simply print my handy list of available books with ISBNS and take it to your library.

Here’s a printable list to take to your favorite librarian.

The King’s Favorite – A Top Shelf Nominee!

Contests are SO subjective, and I’ve spent a lifetime reminding myself I’m not in competition with my peers. Where there are winners, there are necessarily losers, and I believe it often sends the wrong message to writers who are providing readers a labor of their love. However, every once in a while, when my publisher has entered a contest, or, when readers, booksellers and reviewers have nominated my books, I’m a little more apt to see where it goes. I’ve been so very lucky in my career to be nominated for MANY, MANY awards, but like Susan Lucci, I’m ever the bridesmaid and never the bride… let’s see how it goes this time. Plus, this is a brand new kind of book for me, and so thank you SO MUCH to those who nominated The King’s Favorite for a Top Shelf Award.  You rock, whoever you are!