Resources for Indies

I am providing this list as a gesture of goodwill to authors who would like to make the leap into Indie Publishing. But here’s an important caveat: A listing here does not constitute an endorsement. All the resources and talent on this page have comported themselves professionally with me. They have provided services or publishing tools to the best of their ability for me and I have no regrets having used their tools or services. But my Indie experience is not the same as anyone else’s. So, please, before spending your hard-earned money on any new service, do your research to see if it’s right for you. If you’re scouting for talent, find out who all their clients are, and reach out to ask if they would recommend them as well.

This list will continue to grow over time. But it is also not an all encompassing list. It’s a short list I use myself. 

Happy publishing!

P.S. For a comprehensive list of all the narrators, translators and cover artists I’ve used, visit Meet Team Tanya

Stock Images

Arch Angel www.arcangel.com

Hot Damn Stock hotdamnstock.com

Jennleblanc jennleblanc.photoshelter.com

Novelstock www.novelstock.com

Novel Expression www.novelexpression.com

Period Images www.periodimages.com

Stocksy www.stocksy.com

Trevillion.com www.trevillion.com

The Reed Files thereedfiles.photoshelter.com/index


Cover Designers

Amalia Chitulescu http://www.amaliach.com

Cora Graphics  www.coragraphics.it

DamonZa damonza.com

Hot Damn Designs  hotdamndesigns.com

Midnight Muse/ Teresa Spreckelmeyer midnightmusedesigns.com

Ravven ravven.com

Sarah Hansen/Okay Creation okaycreations.com

Wicked Smart Designs/Dar Albert  wickedsmartdesigns.com

Print on Demand

CreateSpace  www.createspace.com

IngramSpark  www.ingramspark.com

NookPress   www.nookpress.com

E-book Aggragators

D2D www.draft2digital.com

Publishdrive https://publishdrive.com

Smashwords www.smashwords.com

StreetLib https://www.streetlib.com

XinXii http://www.xinxii.com


ACX acx.com

Author’s Republic www.authorsrepublic.com

Sales Tracking Tools

Booktrakr https://www.booktrakr.com

Book Report getbookreport.com


Babelcube babelcube.com

Proz.com www.proz.com

Translator’s Café www.translatorscafe.com

Additionally, you can search for translators on Upwork and Fiverr


Review Magazines

Affaire deCoeur affairedecoeur.com

Booklife @ Publisher’s Weeklbooklife.com

InD’Tale Magazine  indtale.com

R.T. Book Reviews  www.rtbookreviews.com

Book Formatting

Kindle Creator (Beta Mac/PC) kdp.amazon.com/help/topic/AIEDQZJ8TVWZX

Vellum (Mac)  180g.co

My most valuable self-publishing tool – creates both ebook, and very soon, print



Author Earnings  authorearnings.com

Great insights in Indie Publishing

The Creative Penn  thecreativepenn.com

Great podcasts with industry guests and experts; I enjoy this so much I’m a Patron

NINC  ninc.com

The only writer’s organization I’m a member of

Mark Dawson selfpublishingformula.com

Marketing guru

Wise http://transferwise.com

Better conversion than PayPal for foreign contractors


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