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I Write Therefore I Blog…

Sale Alert for Canada!

Hi friends, Amazon is running a sale on several of my books (Canada only, folks, because it's Amazon sponsored). if you're a Canadian customer, I didn't want you to miss these!   Highland Fire (Guardians of the Stone Book 2, discounted to $3.49 between 8/3/2018 -...

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There Comes a Time When Silence is Betrayal

Although I try hard not to post about politics these days (more often than not, it leaves me with heart palpitations), I think it’s important that folks with hearts and minds open them up, and speak. I've told this story before, but I'm going to tell it again. If you...

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Highland Fire – FREE!

I'm so excited for you to read the final book of the Guardians series. MAIDEN FROM THE MIST, will be a July 27 release and will include additional scenes not available in the abridged version published in THE SUMMER STAR. For only a short while longer you can get...

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Maiden from the Mist

I'm getting so excited by the upcoming publication of Maiden from the Mist. I have loved writing this entire series so much. I hope you love it as much as I do. While you're waiting for the book, take a peek at the video and get a sneak peek at narrator James Gillies...

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Amazon Exclusive FREE for KU subscribers!

With summer here, and the economy being what it is, I wanted to do something special for my readers. This new edition was created to be consumed in bite-sized reads for readers with limited time.   It also takes advantage of the fact that this story was originally...

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Maiden or Summer Star?

For those of you who are wondering which of these to get, here's the deal: If you follow the Guardians, and you loved The Winter Stone, you want BOTH.   If you don't follow the guardians, and don't care so much about getting the full story, you might be happy just...

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