Everyday Lies

Available March 5, 2019

Honest, unflinching, and resonant on multiple levels, Everyday Lies is New York Times bestselling author Tanya Anne Crosby’s most ambitious and revealing novel to date.

Daughters of Avalon Series

“…Homage paid to medieval England and Scottish historical romance WITH a sprinkling of magic… Perfect.” – Kris Helt, Whiskey & Wit Book Reviews

Scottish Historical Romance

From a New York Times Bestselling Author, The MacKinnon’s Bride brings us love, honor, suspense, passion–all the good things we love in a Highlander Romance.


Have you read the FREE prequel to Redemption Song? Don’t miss Reprisal, an intense short read. Then look for Redemption Song to arrive in stores April 25, 2017.

The Oyster Point Thrillers

“Crosby serves up suspense, secrets and Southern scandal like no one else!” – Harlan Coben #1 New York Times bestselling author

The King’s Favorite

Shhh... don't tell on me. I’m supposed to be editing, but instead, I’m getting excited to share my latest release with you. After two long years away from historicals, I’m so thrilled to be returning to the genre I love. A few years ago, I considered giving Malcom...

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New Series Reading Order!

I am always being asked about the reading order of my series books. There are 3 series that are connected, so I spent a few minutes this morning creating a reading order document for The Highland Brides, The Guardians of the Stone and The Border Brides. You can also...

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Redemption Song: Free Prequel

We all have our favorite genres, but it can be very rewarding to branch out and read outside our comfort zones. REDEMPTION SONG is my most emotional book to date, and is receiving rave reviews from readers. It is also my first new release in more than six months. If...

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The MacKinnon’s Bride turns 21!

I have been a published author since 1989, although my first book didn't hit the shelves until 1992. That's 28 and 25 years, respectively. Amazingly, some of you have been reading me for as long as I've been published, and for your support, I thank you, immensely....

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In the Beginning…

At my first book signing... I often cringe when I’m asked about my first sale, because it was just too easy, and the telling of this story only adds to my worst fears that, somehow, I must be a fraud. Why? Because, unlike so many of my fellow authors, who endured...

Indie vs. Trad Publishing – Huh?

What am I? people so often ask. Really, as a first-generation American, it's a question I've gotten too often. I’ll be honest: I generally find it annoying. My answer to people seeking to hear about my nationality, is this: I'm American. Even more salient a point: I'm...

What’s up with all the scam books?

If you haven't spotted them yet, it's probably because you don't shop on Amazon, where KU seems to allow scammers to thrive. It's an unfortunate side-effect of Amazon's proprietary subscription service. But before I move on to how to spot these scammers and their...

Tanya Does Babelcube (Part 2)

Still interested in foreign translations? Now, let’s rewind a bit, because up until now, we’ve assumed you already have a translator in mind. If you have no translator yet, and are searching for one, there are many ways to go about this. However, long before you get...

Foreign Translations (Part 1)

Once upon a time I was terrified of foreign editions. I mean, why wouldn’t I be? Even my agent had a tough time selling these, so what made me think I could tackle them on my own? In fact, even while at the Big-5, translated books would literally fall onto my lap...

Staying Healthy, Wealthy and Relevant

In the usual fashion for me, when I find myself faced with the notion that “I must do something or else,” nine times out of ten, I am compelled to dig in my heels and say, “uh uh.” This is where I found myself about six months ago, faced with an emerging paradigm...

“In EVERYDAY LIES Tanya Anne Crosby once again delivers her trademark blend of honest emotion with a perfect dash of humor and twist of mystery, and through her beautifully human, relatably flawed heroine shows us how revealing the truth about a past long-buried can right the wrongs of the present, and open the door to a better future.”

Tami Hoag,

New York Times bestselling author of THE BOY

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