The one question I get more than any other is this: In what order do I read your books?

Until recently, I stubbornly resisted labeling my books as a “series,” because the word “series” implies that books are written in order, and/or the plots are all connected, so you must read all the books in chronological order. This isn’t true of my books, and in fact, I began writing the Highland Brides “series” without any thought to future works, nearly two decades ago, with The MacKinnon’s Bride. Originally published in 1996, little did I know I had given “birth” to a petty King.

These days I’m far, far more deliberate in the choreography of my books and even more so of my series. Below, I’ve included a reading order for all “true” series in my list. If it’s not listed below, reading order is unimportant, or the stories are not connected.


*Sweet Scottish Brides
  1. Page
  2. Meghan
  3. Seana
  4. Elizabet
  5. Catrìona
  6. A Very Sweet Highland Christmas Carol

*If  you prefer your books without sexy scenes, you may wish to read the Sweet Scottish Brides instead of The Highland Brides. It’s the same story, without sex and strong language. These books are also more appropriate for younger readers.

The Impostor Series
  1. The Impostor’s Kiss
  2. The Impostor Prince
The Girl Who Stayed
  1. The Things We Leave Behind
  2. The Girl Who Stayed
The Aldridge Sisters
  1. Leave No Trace
  2. Speak No Evil
  3. Tell No Lies


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