I have been a published author since 1989, although my first book didn’t hit the shelves until 1992. That’s 28 and 25 years, respectively. Amazingly, some of you have been reading me for as long as I’ve been published, and for your support, I thank you, immensely. (You know who you are!) That kind of support is incredibly rare, and I can’t tell you how much you mean to me.

My sixth book for Avon Books, THE MACKINNON’S BRIDE, was published in 1996, so technically, Ian and Page’s story has reached the legal drinking age-woot!. Despite that it’s not a flesh and blood child of mine, my books are in a sense my children. I put so much love into their creation, and their birth dates are nonetheless miracles to me–all of them, but none so much as THE MACKINNON’S BRIDE.

In its conception, THE MACKINNON’S BRIDE was simply intended to be a story about a man and a woman, with timeless themes I felt must span the ages—love, abandonment, grief, fear, betrayal and vengeance. It was the second of my books to be published under a brand-new imprint called Avon Romantic Treasures, an imprint my fifth book, Once Upon a Kiss was fortunate enough to launch.

I never anticipated Page’s and Ian’s story would wend its way into the hearts and minds of so many, but to my surprise, my then publisher said, “Do it again.” Of course, they were referring to the vast number of books sold, so they contracted a second book connected to THE MACKINNON’S BRIDE. Thus, was born a series, and from that series was born another. On its birthdate, it seems appropriate we should celebrate with a massive anniversary edition. This new edition has 636 pages (568 for the hardcover) of content, including the missing epilogue (published separately in 2016) and a reader’s guide, with artwork, family trees and more. It’s available in 3 editions, ebook ($4.99), paperback (16.99) and hardcover ($27.99). The cover art, depicting page fleeing on horseback, was digitally created by me. All editions can be found here & here.

Additionally, there’s a new way to buy select versions of my books, which will offer readers a nice little discount. If you choose to purchase through Gumroads, you’ll receive 10% off; just use code: 10Percent.

Happy reading!

In celebration of the 20th year of  publication for The MacKinnon’s Bride, this anniversary edition includes:

  • THE MACKINNONS BRIDE, complete novel
  • MACKINNONS’ HOPE, the missing novella
  • Character profiles for the leading characters of seven books, delineating how they are connected
  • Family trees
  • Select artwork, digitally signed
  • Inside scoop from the author as relates to the creation of her novels
  • Hints at future novels, plus a chance to give the author feedback
  • Asides from the author about various historical elements included in her stories
  • Extensive Glossary, including Gaelic and medieval words and phrases used in the novels
  • Complete Series Bibliography
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