There’s so much exciting news coming up—the re-release of my little-known Impostor Series and my brand-new addition to the Daughters of Avalon series, Fire Song, due to be published September 24th. Also up for preorder is Book 5 of that series—Rhiannon! Woot! It’s getting hot!

So all that said, I really want to give you a heads up. I have not widely touted the Impostors as older books, because, I promise you, most of you have not read these. (Almost nobody has.) These are old Harlequin books, re-edited and re-launched under my own imprint. They are two of my very favorite historicals I’ve written, so please do put them on your TBR list!

But the re-release of these books begs me to remind you to PLEASE read descriptions. I’m so flattered when people are willing to buy my books without reading product descriptions, but please, please don’t do that.

For example, I’m still in the process of creating sweet versions of my classic books, and I make it clear in the book description every time I publish one of these, so you don’t accidentally purchase a title twice. And still, I randomly get an email from an angry reader, and this disheartens me, because I really try hard to make sure you get all the info you need. Not only does it make me feel bad, considering I’m doing this for you, it makes me feel bad for you as well, and it does make me reconsider the wisdom in creating these new editions.

So why am I revising some books?
Throughout the years, the one thing some fans have lamented was the strong language present in the original editions of my legacy books. Some readers also prefer not to read explicit love scenes, which are a signature of the period in which my legacy books were written. Also, keeping in mind that I didn’t want my own daughter to read my books until she turned 18, I remain sensitive to readers who wanted to experience my historical romances without compromising their personal values.

Bottom line: If you’ve already read The MacKinnon’s Bride (or any of my legacy books), the story itself will remain unchanged. There is no need to buy these books again. However, if you always wanted to buy a copy of one of my books to share with your daughter or niece, now you can. I will ALWAYS label these very clearly, so please, please, please be sure to read the description on all new books.

The titles are different; how can I tell these apart?
First and most important, while the titls are different, the character names are not. Also, in the description for each and every one of these titles, you’ll see in the very first line, in bold print, something like this, for example: “Page” is the SWEET edition of “The MacKinnon’s Bride” by Tanya Anne Crosby –revised by a New York Times bestselling author and her daughter. I also label most of them with a logo like this:

Also, for branding purposes, since my daughter, Alaina, does alter the voice slightly to fit a younger market, I have added her name to the byline and cover. You should be able to spot these Sweet Reads very easily. Additionally, I welcome any and all advice in regards to labeling these books so that you won’t be confused. You can email me at tanya@tanyaannecrosby.com.

I so much appreciate that I have so many readers who will click the buy button the minute they see my name. I love you guys for trusting my storytelling so much that you don’t feel you need to know the nitty gritty details, but please, please read the descriptions so you don’t find yourself purchasing a second copy of a book you’ve already read.


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